Choosing a pot is like putting the grounding stone of your cultivation. You have keep a strong eye on the type and size you want to pick. There are factors that influence our choice such as; the type of weed and crop. The right size and right type will make the experience of cultivation hustle free and interesting! 

It is important to consider the factors while choosing a pot because of the fact that the type of pot directly influence the root system of plant which ultimately is responsible for healthy growth of your plant. Having said that, here are some experienced tips to keep in mind when you go out to pick one.  


Broadly, the types of pot, based on manufacturing, can be divided into two categories: 

  1. Fabric-made pots.  
  1. Plastic-made pots.  

Plastic POTS

Plastic pots are traditional, old-school types of pots used for cultivating plants. There are some benefits of using them, we will list a few below: 

  • They last longer as good quality pots are made up with rigid plastic. They are washable and you can make them anew after every round of cultivation 
  •  They come in variety of shapes and colors. There are blacks and whites as well for cold and hot weather to be placed outdoors and indoors.  
  • They come with or without handles as you prefer.  
  • The black color pots are resilient to chilly weather and provide heat to the roots if you have placed them outdoors in winterContrarily, there are rigid white plastic pots that repel heat in hot months of the year and prevent the plant from burning out 
  • The shape of pots varies in a wide range; you can pick one that suits to your space and make the best out of your interior decoration.  

Fabric Pots: 

Fabric pots are the novel, modern way of cultivation. They are more environment-friendly and can be made with no harm to the planet. Moreover, they come in equally large variety of colors and sizes. One big advantage is that they are made with such fabric that allows aeration of the plants. When the material does not block the air, there starts a natural process of pruning similar to the one happening in aeropots which is highly suitable for plants to grow more healthy and beautifully.  

Size of the Pots: 

Size of the pot is very crucial. There are number of sizes available, both in fabric and plastic, ranging from 2.5L to 50L according to your needs. You have to look for the perfect size; nor too small neither too large. Understand the importance:

  • The whole growth and flowering of plants depends upon the root system; stronger the root system, healthier the plant will be.  
  • For a plant to have strong root system, space is a critical factor. Too much space will make the deshaped, and too less space will not allow the roots to grow freely. Therefore, the pot size will be just accurate. Also, more space will increase your cultivation cost as well by taking in more water and fertilizers.  
  • Roots of a plant tend to grow downwards and deep. Hence, the shape of the pot should not be wide rather it should be lengthy for roots to have enough space to grow inside.  
  • There  must be a drainage system for excessive water to flow from the pot. If water stays for too long, then it weakens the roots 

Bottom line is, do some thinking, perform a need analysis, and then go for pots and pans!