The importance of pot’s material is immense when it comes to cultivating plants. But there is another factor that influences the cultivation of plants to an exceeding level; the color of the pot. Colors have a strong impact on the life cycle of plants.
Pot’s color comes in as many shades as possible. One wise quote:

“If you want to see a person’s aesthetic taste, look for the plants at his living space”

People who are into cultivating plants will understand what we are talking about; the way you choose pots, colors, and fabric, etc, reflects more of your taste. Therefore, you need to choose something that fits your space, reflects your aesthetics, and also, suits the crop.

Planting succulent plant in the new marbled color planter, turquoise blue or green mint color, the process of creation of the indoor garden

Color can play a part in the nurturing of plants to a great extent, and of course, the case could get otherwise. The matter has been taken into special attention of planter’s researchers and they performed an experiment where they grow the same crop in different colored pots, all the other factors remain similar. Consequently, they have stated a few very important points:

  • The impact of the container’s color impacts directly the soil; the main solid ground for a plant to grow.
  • Pot’s color has the power to repelling or absorb heat; another important factor that activates the plant’s growth. Suppose you’ve outdoor plantations, heat is the game-changer there. In the chilly months, you should use black pots that absorb more heat and keep the plant warm and nice. Contrarily, on hot days, you should pick white pots that repel excessive heat and prevents the roots from becoming dull.
  • There should, always, be a drainage hole in pots for your plant to get rid of extra water. This excessive water is not suitable for roots and it weakens them. If your pot doesn’t come with a hole, make sure you drill one.
  • Fiber pots prove to be more favorable for crops than plastic ones as they penetrate air nicely.

The factor of colors for pots is as important for home growing gardeners as it is for commercial ones. The factor that usually does not get a lot of attention deserves a lot more. So, be your best choosy when you are here for pots shopping. We have collected some best fits for every sector, in all the colors and sizes, have a look at our collection!