infinitypots™  2.0 fabric colored grow pots for transplanting and standard growing. Newly redesigned for the best results when transplanting. In addition to our mess free 1.0 design, we decided to do something amazing. In result, we brought you the newly redesigned coloured grow pots. adding colour to the pots just make things so much easier. For example lets say you’d like to grow tomatoes, peas, beans and pepper from seeds. The traditional way of using a regular standard color for your grow, can lead you to forget which pot contains which seed. By utilizing our infinitypot™ 2.0 colored grow pots, you can easily note down which colored grow pot contains which seed. You may think well that’s a not a big deal because you can just wait until it grows to know. That is in fact correct but lets look at another example from a cannabis grower’s perspective. Without our ininitypots™2.0 colored grow pots, it is very hard to remember which strain and strain type you’re growing especially in the case where there’s a large amount of plants being grown. Yes we are obsessed with pots because we are obsessed with growing , and doing it the right way. With our easy to unzip bottom, you can easily stack your grow pot on top of one another. This will give your plant’s roots, more room to grow. Just unzip place it on top of a bigger gallon and done. Our mission is to continue finding new ways to bring you the best grow pots in globally. Currently, our grow pots come in 6 different colors with more colors on the way.