Infinity Pot The Cheat Code To Transplanting and Growing.

The modern way of Transplanting

Infinity Pot™ says it all; an infinite pot for infinite growth. We’ve designed the first-ever bottomless pot. I know what you’re thinking. “Why is this important?” Before Infinity Pot™, transplanting consisted of taking the plant out of the pot and planting it in the ground, all while aggravating the plant’s roots. After Infinity Pot™ ,you can now easily unzip the bottom of the pot (harming NO roots) and place it on the ground with ease (again, harming not a single root) so you can just water and watch your plant grow!

So why Use Infinity Pot? Because It is Important to Transplant.

Once your cannabis seeds are germinated, they are ready to be put in their first container. At this point, the grower must decide how and when repotting will occur.

Here are some indicators that your cannabis is ready for a new container:

  • Number of Leaves: Young plants sowed in small containers are ready to be transplanted after they’ve sprouted 4-5 sets of leaves (not including the cotyledon). This may vary in some strains, but at this point, roots have typically overgrown their starter cup.
  • Root Development: When checking perforations at the bottom of a container, a plant should have a healthy and visibly white root system. Any discoloration or darkening may indicate that the plant has become root bound, and a transplant must take place immediately.
  • Vegetative Stage: Many opt to transplant to a finishing pot in the final two weeks of vegetative growth before a plant transitions into the flowering phase. At this point, a plant will explode both in size and volume and will require a substantial amount of space for root development.