It’s important to transplant the right way when growing cannabis.

There are advantages to transplanting your cannabis, find out more and learn how to transplant your marijuana plants the right way each time.

If you’re wondering why we dont’ just stick the plant in its final pot container from the start. There is a big reason why because proper transplanting regimen helps your plants grow faster in the vegetative state.

Make your plants grow faster by transplanting your cannabis clones at the right time.

When you use a small container in the starting phase while growing cannabis, it grows faster than if you were to use a bigger container.

This is because it’s more natural for a small cannabis plant roots to get the right mix of air and water when they’re not waterlogged in a large container.

Small Cannabis clones Grow Faster in Small Containers

However, if you do start small, you’re required to transfer your plants to bigger containers as they grow. This of course is to  ensure the roots have lots of space to grow. When roots don’t have enough room, they’ll eventually form a “wall” around the corners of the container. This can cause a pattern of strange root problems

transplanting weed with infinity pot