What you should know about growing cannabis in Canada.

If you live in Canada, you have most likely thought about growing your own 4 plants allowed per household. In my personal opinion if you use cannabis for medical or recreational then why not grow your own as well.

How to grow 4 plants in Canada :

Finding the right guides and resources to get you up and running is the hard part. InfinityPot only solves part of the journey ahead. well, a big part of it as it helps you transplant with ease. Transplanting is reasonably one of the most important parts of successful growing.

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What you should know:

You need to be licensed by Health Canada to be able to grow cannabis for sale.

In some cases, you may also need a licence from the Canada Revenue Agency to sell cannabis. Legal cannabis products must carry an excise stamp, except those products with less than 0.3% THC or no THC.

Growing Cannabis for sale With InfinityPots

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What you need to know:

There is a ton of information out there on growing cannabis at home. Unfortunately, because there’s that much information available, can often lead to uncertainty.

In this Faq, we provide you with the most up to date and the must-knows of growing cannabis from reliable sources.

By Law, you are not allowed to sell any cannabis grown from home to others.

The Cannabis Act permits adults to cultivate up to 4 cannabis plants per household (not per person). Some provinces and territories have applied added restrictions on personal cultivation.

There are recommended safety and security measures for growing cannabis plants.

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