Infinity Pot The Cheat Code To Repotting and Growing.

The Right Way To Repotting Your Plants.

Plant Care: Repotting

Repotting your plants can be messy, here are some key tips and guide to make it a success. Correctly repotting is essential to avoid stressing out your plants. The traditional way of transplanting, as a result could lead to root damage. Using InfinityPot helps you easily and quickly with your transition. Treat your Plants with care because they deserve it.

Here are a few signs that your plant needs a new home:

  • The plant will look like it is too big for its pot
  • The roots are growing out of the drainage holes
  • Water is sitting on the top and not absorbing
  • The soil is dried out or looks like it is disintegrating
  • It’s been a while since you repotted it

Here’s how to go about successfully Transplanting your houseplants.

  • It’s important to prepare your soil for transplanting so that you give your roots the premium soil they need and give them the proper amount of room for growth.
  • Now we take The Infinity Pot™ and unzip the bottom and place your plant with The Infinity Pot™ on the ground.
  • The finale step is to water your plant, sit back and watch it grow.


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